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Summer freebies/discounts!

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Posted by Daboy :: 17 July, 2017

Season 10 on x9999 - 23 September!

Same as we many of you awaited this day, when s10 will come out on EasyMu!
Its the day, where we can officially announce sXe3 is here !!!


18:00 UTC+2 (East Europe, Latvia, Romania, Turkey)
10:00 UTC-5 (Peru)
11:00 UTC-4 (Venezuela, Chile)
12:00 UTC-3 (Argentina, Brazil)
16:00 UTC+0 (West Europe, UK, Spain)
17:00 UTC+1 (Poland, Italy, Hungary)
22:00 UTC+7 (Vietnam)
23:00 UTC+8 (Philippines, Malaysia)

Version: Season 10 Episode 3 
Experience: MAX (x9999)
Max grand resets: unlimited, every 50 resets (Free: 105250 credits!!!) 
Grow Lancer / Rage Fighter / Summoner create: from 1 level 
Guild Create from: 350 level 
Reset from: 400 Level on web, stats stays! 
Resets Price: Reset count * 1kk Each every reset. 
Maximal stats: 65000 (65k) 
Maximal character level: 400 | master level: 370 (total max level: 770) 
Vote Reward System: Each 12 Hours vote for server and get free credits (Click here)

Tones of amazing features such as fully working Grow Lancer character, renewed Evolution Monster event, Tormented Square Battle event, Nars locations and range of new monsters, new Muuns and options, Blood Angel sets, new currency: Ruud, Mastery Rewards, new event notification system, in-game tutorials system (web browser), mass combinations system and many many more!

Posted by Daboy :: 11 September, 2016