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Server will be opened 8. June

A year ago we presented our MAX "x9999" server - players really love it, have a lot of good feedbacks, and now we are going step forward, to promote the interests of the old players and to attract new players! We will perform reset wipe. All accounts, characters, items will be SAVED, deleted will be only stats, resets, grand resets and levels!!!

Server will be turned OFF @ Tuesday (3. June) 23.00, to perform updates on the server. And server will be back ONLINE @ Friday (8. June) 15.00 servertime.

15:00 UTC+2 (East Europe, Latvia, Romania, Turkey)
07:00 UTC-5 (Peru)
08:00 UTC-4 (Venezuela, Chile)
09:00 UTC-3 (Argentina, Brazil)
13:00 UTC+0 (West Europe, UK, Spain)
15:00 UTC+1 (Poland, Italy, Hungary)
19:00 UTC+7 (Vietnam)
20:00 UTC+8 (Philippines, Malaysia)

Version: Season 12 Part 2 
Experience: MAX (x9999)
Drop: 80%
Max grand resets: unlimited, every 50 resets (Free: 105250 credits!!!) 
Grow Lancer / Rage Fighter / Summoner create: from 1 level 
Guild Create from: 350 level 
Reset from: 400 Level on web, stats stays! 
Resets Price: Reset count * 1kk Each every reset. 
Maximal stats: 65000 (65k) 
Maximal character level: 400 | master level: 430 (total max level: 830) 
Vote Reward System: Each 12 Hours vote for server and get free credits (Click here)

About vip:
Experience increase: 2x higher
Drop increase: 2x higher
Exc. Drop increase: 2x higher
Credits per reset: 2x more
Mixrate: 2x more success for Wings,Items,Enhanced,Pentagram.
Arena is for vip only!!!


Tired of "one week" projects what open and closes? You are in right place !!!
Lifetime Warranty* Click Here For More Info

Season 12 features:
New Map Ferea, Darkangel Mastery Set, Bloodangel Weapon, Upgraded Divine Archangel Weapon, New Character information Window, New Skills, Elemental System Update, New Socket Items, Socket System Expansion, New&Upgraded Pentagrams, Hunting Log, New Mini-Game, Nixies Lake, Holyangel Mastery Set, Darkangel Weapons, Maze of Dimensions, Class Improvement.
All features HERE !!!
Posted by Daboy :: 4 June, 2018